Cracker throwing

Christmas shoppers getting your blood boiling? Already stressed about the kids descending on your house for the big day? Or maybe the thought of cooking for the in-laws is all too much?

Well how about letting off a bit of steam at the annual World Christmas Cracker Throwing Championships?

Snow kidding!

This is an event that has captured the attention of the nation (well almost) and is open to men, women and children of all ages, who attempt to hurl the festive feast-time favourite as far as they can along a specially designed course.

So “what are the rules?” we hear you cry.

Well firstly competitors must use a standard cracker which meets all official weight and measurement specifications.

The technique is also heavily scrutinised. There are no javeline style run-ups allowed here, oh no. Throwing is only permitted from a standing start otherwise competitors will be illuminated.

You can also only throw using one hand and any attempt to scrunch up the cracker in order for it to travel through the air more easily will be spotted by the eagle-eyed marshals on duty.

The rules also stipulate that competitors will be disqualified for: telling bad jokes, singing carols out of tune or pulling their crackers – you have been warned!

Last year’s inaugural record was set by eight-year-old Elliott Hurrell from Peterborough, who threw a staggering 13.57 meters beating all the other 200 adults and children competing, and competition is expected to be just as high this time around.

So if you fancy your chances, the championships take place in Fore Street, Tiverton on between 11am and 1pm on Saturday November 29th and you can see a full list of the rules by going to the official Wacky Nation website.