Whether it’s to light-up a tight and confined room or creating a fantastic centre piece for a larger open space, the Oregon pine offers the best of both worlds.


Due to its stunning appearance, slender shape and full branch structure, the Oregon pine is one of the most popular options when it comes to artificial trees.

Produced by Triumph Trees Ltd – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of artificial Christmas trees with over 25 years of experience – this tree is known by many as the Douglas fir and has a healthy blend of genuine-looking PE needles and classic PVC needles for increased fullness.

Crafted to look just like the real thing, this tree is meticulously constructed to mimic the colours, shading and texture of trees found in the vast forests of North America, while its heavy-duty branches are robust enough display more ornaments than average designs while limiting the risk of slips or breakages.

With its luxurious, rich green foliage and evenly spread branches, this tree encapsulates everything that is magical about the festive period.

For maximum effect try adorning it with silver and gold baubles, tinsel or lametta or even more traditional wooden ornaments, while illuminating with simple white bulbs that will offer a natural looking glow from within.

The Oregon pine is often purchased by people who live in smaller houses or flats, due to the fact that it is compact, but the tree is not just ideal for small spaces. Many people like to use the tree on landings and in hallways of bigger houses due to the fact that it is so striking.

The Oregon pine will provide you with the ideal focal point in any room, so if you’re looking for a stunningly realistic tree to brighten up you home this Christmas, this is the perfect choice.