Stuck for space this Christmas? Uniquely Christmas Trees are offering the perfect solution with a range of mini artificial Christmas trees for the festive season.

At 60cm tall, these low-maintenance trees are ideal for those with limited space, workplaces, apartments or flats as well as small areas around the home. The trees are also a very popular decoration for a child’s bedroom. They cost just £4.99.

Mini 60cm Artificial Christmas Tree in Jute Bag –

Adorned with natural pine cones and mounted on a small wooden stand, the trees are perfect for table tops or office desks.

If you’re limited on space, the retailer also offers full-size 6ft trees in much slimmer sizes than the average Christmas tree. The branches are hinged, providing the flexibility to create whichever shape suits you best, so that you can position the tree in just about any space you fancy. The trees maintain their shape with the use of PVC soft needle tips, which also give an authentic and realistic feel.

Investing in a Christmas tree from Uniquely Christmas Trees comes with a 5 to 10 year guarantee, meaning you can use the tree for many a Christmas to come. This is due to the specially selected materials used in the manufacture of the trees, which are inspected for their resilience prior to manufacture.

Free shatterproof baubles accompany each tree purchased meaning you can be sure of a beautifully-decorated tree just in time for Christmas!