Decorative wreaths needn’t be just something you display at Christmas then pack in a box and put away for another year; they can be used all round and particularly in spring.

This is the time of year that heralds a new beginning, a fresh start and fresh optimism for the summer months to come, so why not us this as the perfect excuse to celebrate one of the most popular seasons in the calender?

Here are just six spring wreath ideas that will brighten up your home and neighbourhood this year.

Twig Wreath



A simple wreath made from twigs and branches can really be brought to life by using some freshly picked spring flowers.

Egg Wreath



This in an egg-cellent way to mark the Easter festivities. Not only is the wreath shaped like an egg, it even uses some decorative shells  too, empty ones of course!

Daisy Wreath



How about a daisy wreath? This simple, yet effective, design will compliment any door, window or mantel piece and is so easy to make.

Lavender Wreath



A lavender wreath looks pretty spectacular and can bring all the lovely smells of the season into your home for the rest of the year.

Ribbon Wreath



A simple detail like this bright pink ribbon can turn even the most simple spring wreath to life.

Bunny Wreath



No it’s not a snowman! This Easter bunny shaped wreath is a fun and original, not to mention topical, way to mark the time of year.