Along with your patio furniture, your old Christmas tree has probably been lying dormant in your back garden for quite a while now.

Too soon since Christmas to do anything about it and not near enough to summer for it to become a problem, it all too easy just to leave it where it is for now. Right?

But as well as recycling your old tree, there are a couple of things you can do to make the most of what was your pride and joy just a few weeks ago.

Here are just five suggestions of things to do with your old Christmas tree.

Make your own Pot Pourri

Why not use the needles from your Christmas tree to give your front room a pine fresh smell by mixing it with some pot pourri?

Or, a quick web search can show you how to make pine resin oil from the needles to go in soap, candles and lotions.

Use as firewood

We all know the winter never really gets going until after Christmas, so why not use your old tree to heat your home?

Trees such as the Norwegian Spruce burn really well, so make sure you keep your tree dry and carefully cut into logs to be burnt on that open fire that is now looking rather bare without the chestnuts and stockings.

Replant it for next year

Okay. If you haven’t done this by now, it might be a little too late. But next year think about getting a tree complete with roots, as that way you can plant it in the garden, and then bring it in again each Christmas.

Make Mulch

Pine needles dry quickly and decompose slowly, making them an excellent moisture- and mould-free mulch for ground-covering crops, such as strawberries, to rest on.

Keep Animals Warm

If you have a shredder you can use all of those chips as livestock bedding. Even if you don’t, you can use the branches for bedding for larger animals, just add a little straw for comfort. The smell of the evergreen may even help keep insects out of the bedding area similar to cedar chips.