Make your own decorations


Christmas decorations can be expensive, we all know that. And what makes it even more painful is that we only use them once a year.

But with a little bit of imagination and a sprinkle of creativity, it is possible to make some great looking festive features that will bring your home, office or Christmas tree to life at a fraction of the price you’d pay in the shops.

So here are 5 easy-to-make Christmas decorations that will cost pennies but bring a wealth of joy and happiness year-after-year.


1. Bow Wreath

Bow Wreath

Creating a simple, festive wreath from is easy and won’t cost you a fortune. You can even use old decorations from previous years! Simply glue bows of various colours to a Styrofoam wreath in any design you wish. It only takes about 20 minutes to complete and will mean you are left with a decoration that is completely unique to you.


2. Sparkling Pine Cones

Painted Pine Cones

Pine cones are 100% natural as well as being 100% free, if you know where to look. They can also be stunning if presented in the right way. Collect cones from your local forest or park and wash them thoroughly before adding clear varnish or even silver and gold pain to create a stunning addition to your Christmas tree


3. Light Bulb Baubles

Light Bulb Baubles

Hanging baubles are basically just balls made from thinly blown glass. So what else do you know of that is made from the same way? Yes, light bulbs. When your old halogen bulbs run out, carefully paint them in any pattern or colour scheme you wish and hang from your tree. You could call this decorative idea as a bit of a light bulb moment!


4. Seasonal Circuit Boards

Circuit board

As anyone who uses electronic devices will know, most appliances become defunct after a few years and end up ready for the recycling plant. But the circuit boards that are found inside things like phones and alarm clocks can be used in another life – as Christmas decorations! They are strong, durable and look pretty spectacular when cut to your desired shape with little need for paint or glitter.


5. Advent Calendar

Advent tray

Kids love to count down the days to Christmas, and the adults do too. So what better way to celebrate the festive season with your own, homemade, advent calendar? Simply fill a 24 tray muffin pan with sweets, gifts, small toys, even your own cake creations and cover with some simple numbered cardboard discs. That way your family can enjoy their own personalised yuletide with gifts tailored to each member of the family, rather than generic pictures or chocolates.