Christmas colours


Christmas is all about tradition.

You know the kind of thing, baubles and tinsel, turkey and stuffing, holly and Ivy – it’s the same every year and we love it.

But why not try something a little different this year?

This doesn’t have to mean cancelling Christmas all together, more a case of adapting it slightly.

So here are a few ideas when it comes to some alternative colour schemes to try this festive season when it comes to your home decorations.


1. Green and Blue

Christmas colour Green and Blue


Create a sophisticated Christmas living room by incorporating hints of light green, bright blue, and silver. Decorate your Christmas tree with various blue, silver, and green glass ornaments, and colour-coordinate a sea of wrapped packages in blue-and-white – you can even hang light green-and-blue stockings around the room.


2. Rainbow Assortment

Christmas colour Rainbow


Celebrate Christmas by using every colour of the rainbow in your decorative scheme, as the exciting hues are perfect for adding holiday cheer to any home. Create mini trees and wreaths out of ball ornaments or ribbons and really let your creative juices flow.


3. Red, Cream and White

Christmas colour Red and Cream


Remove the more traditional green and add cream and white for a warm and cosy colour scheme at Christmas. You can add a warm element to the decor with red ornaments, which really stand-out against the cream background.


4. Orange

Christmas colour Orange


To give your holiday decor a bold look, try a zesty Christmas colour scheme using bright, contrasting – like orange. Not only will this make a real statement, but set against more traditional items, like the dark green Christmas tree, you will create a fantastic contrast of colours. You’ll also be able to use natural products and there are always satsumas and oranges lying around during the festive season.


5. Pink

Christmas colour Pink


Pink is a great colour to cheer up your home in the dark winter months. Usually considered a spring time shade, pink actually works really well with more traditional festive colours, such as silver and green.